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Alma - Pro & Contra
Statements from Anna Mahler, Milan Dubrovic, Gina Kaus, Walter Gropius,
Ernst Krenek, Marietta Torberg and Oskar Kokoschka (2,7 MB)

Interview with Jimmy Berg (New York) (13,1 MB)
Soundtrack of a film about Alma by Al Joseph (Los Angeles) (11,4 MB)
Interview (English) (2,2 MB)
Alma's arrival at Tulln airport near Vienna 1947, news-reel (0,7 MB)

Alma-Song (Tom Lehrer)
including remarks on Alma's obituary in the NYT, English (4,2 MB)

Oskar Kokoschka
Alma Mahler and Wagner's Tristan (2,8 MB)
World War 1 (7 MB)
About his life(1,6 MB)
Berlin in the 1920s (1,1 MB)
About the Puppet (0,4 MB)

Walter Gropius
Statement on the "Bauhaus" movement (0,3 MB)

Franz Werfel
Franz Werfel recites some of his poems
Der schöne Strahlende
Der Wanderer kniet
Lächeln Atmen Schreiten

Anna Mahler
about her mother Alma (1,7 MB)
memories to her father Gustav Mahler

Ernst Krenek
Alma Mahler and her daughter Anna (1,4 MB)

Marietta Torberg
Friendship with Alma in New York (1,3 MB)

Milan Dubrovic
Alma Mahler's appearance (1 MB)

Gina Kaus
Alma's bad character (0,5 MB)