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The 10 Commandments to enjoy "Alma"

1. "Alma" is a theatrical journey in the footsteps of a woman, Alma Mahler-Gropius-Kokoschka-Werfel, who travelled through the first half of the 20th century, experiencing passionate encounters and separations from people who enriched the body of human heritage.

2. The play consists of several interwoven threads of events taking place simultaneously in various spaces. It describes a period from 1901 to the
present day. The characters of the play guide you through times and spaces. The locations are spread all over the house.

3. Become a road companion to the characters of the play. You can
choose the events, the path and the person to follow after each scene, thus constructing your own personal version of a Polydrama.

4. It is your gaze that creates the show. Focus on an object of your interest, and follow it like a film camera. Following one object throughout the evening will transform that object into your protagonist. Yet you can change objects, and thus create a mosaic of your own.

5. As a camera you have to choose your angles of shooting, and the distance from the object on which you are focusing. You can also move and change your point of view during a take, panning and zooming in and out.

6. Cameras do not smoke. And a camera never chatters with other cameras, nor does it use a cell phone.

7. Move quickly, swiftly, and as intelligently as you can.

8. lf you find it difficult to travel, you may stay put in one space, and let the various events pass before your objective. Coherence is only one attribute of reality, and it is by no means the most interesting one.

9. If you come with another camera, it is good to split up and take footage of different events. At the end of the day you can experience the job of an
editor, and combine material taken by yourself with that of your fellow-cameras.

10. As a camera, do not try to comprehend. What you get in your objective and what you record is all there is.